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You’ve just had a tree removed from your yard. Now what? Do you leave the stump, or should you have it removed

Why Tree Stumps Should Be Removed

There are five good reasons for grinding and removing a tree stump:

  • The stump may be a safety hazard, an obstacle, or is just plain ugly.
  • With the proper soil amendment, you can plant a new tree in the same location – but only after the stump has been removed.
  • Removal eliminates the possibility of attracting highly destructive carpenter ants and/or termites.
  • Stump removal discourages the growth of harmful fungi from the rotting process which could spread disease to nearby trees or plants.
  • Removing the stump is the only guaranteed way to prevent the tree from growing back.

How To Remove Tree Stumps

Without the right equipment and knowledge, stump removal can be an almost impossible task. Basically, there are two ways to remove a tree stump:

  1. Use an excavator – This is a quick way to get the stump out but it will cause major damage to a large area around the stump and can be very expensive. If you have a lot of stumps to remove and you’ll be doing major landscaping work afterwards, this may be an option for you.
  2. Use a stump grinder – This is the easiest way to get rid of a stump without causing damage to your property. Results are permanent (the tree won’t grow back), there are different sizes and styles of stump grinders to fit any location, and you’ll be left with only a small area to patch or sod. This isn’t usually a DIY project so consult with a professional before tackling this yourself.

Stump grinding is usually the final step in the tree removal process. Typically the tree removal crew will leave the remaining stump 4-6 inches above the ground for the stump grinder to take care of. Stump grinders come in all shapes and sizes. Some stump grinders have tracks and some have wheels. Some stump grinding machines are operated via a remote control and some are operated by handles on the machine. All stump grinders use the same process for grinding. There is a rotating cutting wheel on the front of the machine that has carbide teeth attached to it. Once the Stump grinder is maneuvered into place the wheel will be engaged and the grinding will commence.

Once engaged the cutter wheel will work back and forth over the stump. It will grind about 2 inches at a time. The typical stump will be grinded to a depth of 6-8 inches below the grade.

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